IT Consulting

IT Consulting

At the point when your IT system and foundation are the beat of business tasks, there’s no space for downtime, security ruptures, information misfortune or calamitous misfortune. At Iqra Telecommunications, our oversaw IT administrations bolster your business needs and guarantee ideal execution of your assets at each and every minute.

Regardless of whether you require support for existing IT staff or aggregate IT outsourcing, our administrations can be custom fit to your necessities. Our far reaching suite of oversaw IT administrations incorporates undertaking system checking, information reinforcement and recuperation, email facilitating and support, Network Security, disaster recovery arrangements and virtualization. Administration levels can be balanced in view of your associations special needs and objectives:

Total IT Management:

Companies with no or limited IT resources can rely on our managed services program for total IT outsourcing. We help you manage your organization’s IT infrastructure and operations from servers and workstations to software, printers, support services, and performance monitoring.

Tailored IT Support:

If organizations have IT resources but need assistance or don’t have the budget for agent monitoring and additional resources, our enterprise-based management service includes monitoring and reporting, management of alerts to resolution and a host of preventive IT and security support tasks to augment your staff.